Online Training Courses

Typing Courses is a specialist in online touch typing courses. All of the training courses have been accredited by various bodies. We offer professional typing courses for adult learners, who are looking to gain a certification and build their career options with more skills. Learners can opt to take an assessment to gain a professional qualification. We offer online courses, with or without certification. CPD Certification is our most popular certification that we can offer.

Our training courses are interactive and practical, this enables learners to gain the typing skills needed to be more efficient and effective in their careers. Our courses are suitable for a wide range of careers. The practical exercises offered in our courses are vital to gaining the speed and accuracy to be an effective typist.

Classroom courses and tailored courses can be offered courtesy of in partnership with our training partners, in London and other parts of the UK and Europe. We only work with established trainers who have years of experience.

Our main focus in online touch typing courses for English Keyboard and English Language training for professional adults. However, we now also offer various courses for teenagers and children. Additionally, we offer Spanish, French, Dutch and German training courses.

All of our training options can be found within the website. You can also read our blog and see the history of our organisation within the site.

Geaccrediteerde Typecursussen