Typing Courses offers Accredited Online Typing Courses. We deliver our courses in an online format that uses an interactive programme. The programme instructs you on the correct methodology that is needed to touch type effectively. It then provides numerous practical exercises to build your speed and accuracy.

Practice is the key to building typing skills. This includes how to position your hands and how provides numerous interactive exercises that train your hands to type in the correct position. Our Touch Typing training courses are designed to ensure that you have numerous practical exercises.

Online Typing Courses

This is important for anyone learning touch typing because practical exercise helps the correct typing movements go into your muscle memory. This will help you to type naturally with speed and accuracy. This is why our method of typing training is favoured by many learners and companies.

Typing Courses

Our Online Typing Courses are accredited by CPD Standards. CPD means Continuing Professional Development, this is an internationally recognised training institute that accredited high-quality training programmes that are proven to develop professional skills. Adding a CPD Certificate to your CV shows that you have been certified by a recognised body and strengthened your CV and career profile.

Below you can see the two main options we offer:

CPD Accredited Touch Typing Training Courses

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be awarded a CPD Certificate that states your typing speed and accuracy. This can benefit your CV to improve your career options. We have trained many successful professionals in a wide range of industries.

All of the courses on this page relate to English Keyboards that are commonly used in the UK, US, other English speaking countries and international companies across the world.