Terms & Conditions

1. All applications must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of £100. We regret that we will not be able to consider any application if the deposit or details of payment of the deposit are not enclosed. This deposit is not refundable unless admission is refused. Total fees become payable in full once a student commences training (subject to any agreed instalment plan for delayed payment).

2. If requested, students must produce evidence of qualifications and/or reference letters from employers detailing dates of employment, position held and duties. Anyone found to have given false information or forged documents will be expelled from the college.

3. Students are required to attend all lectures, take all tests and submit assignments set by their tutors. Failure to adhere to these guidelines/deadlines may render the student liable to certain penalties, such as re-sits and /or expulsion from the college.

4. Where a bespoke training package is commissioned external to our premises, we reserve the right to charge for travel and related out of pocket expenses.

5. Students wishing to transfer their course from one to another due to extenuating circumstances acceptable to the college may do so, but a notice period of seven days is required. Only two changes of date are allowed without charge.

6. In the event of a booking being made taking advantage of a reduced price through the instant payment discount then no refund is allowed unless Souters needs to alter the booking materially or, in certain extenuating circumstances, at Souters’ discretion. If a package of courses is booked then the total package fee is due after joining the first related course (subject to any agreed instalment plan for delayed payment).

7. Souters reserves the right to alter dates, fees and any particulars as advertised without prior notice.

8. Souters accepts no legal liability in the case of accidents, illness, loss of or damage to personal effects and mail. Students will be asked to pay for any damage they cause to the premises and/or property of the college.

9. Souters reserves the right to expel any students for improper conduct or any conduct that interferes with the wellbeing of other students, staff or the reputation of the College.

10. Course fees may be paid by instalments at the discretion of Souters. Payment by instalments does not cancel the liability to pay total fees as agreed at time of booking. Souters may require a formal payment mandate to be set up where appropriate.

11. Appropriate terms, conditions and regulations of qualification awarding bodies will apply in addition to the above.

12. The act of registration constitutes acceptance of these terms.

13. All corporate and organisational bookings are subject to the addition of VAT. In the absence of any other agreed payment terms, all invoices shall be payable in full within 14 days of the date of the invoice.