Our Touch Typing Classroom Training Course based in London is CPD Accredited and will help you increase the speed, accuracy and confidence in your keyboard skills.

You will be taught by an experienced typist and tutor who will guide you through the correct methodologies and techniques used to increase your typing speed and accuracy.

Course Content

  • Basic techniques and methodologies of touch typing
  • Learning to touch type without looking at your keyboard
  • Improving accuracy by memorising your keyboard
  • Improving your speed by correct positioning of hands and fingers
  • Touch Typing exercises
  • Important keyboard skills & functions to improve speed
  • Getting rid of bad habits and practices
  • You will receive access to a typing programme that you can use at home to keep practicing and building your typing speed
  • Audio typing for meeting minutes

Course Outcome

At the end of the course you will notice an improvement in the speed of your typing and keyboard skills.

Students will also be given access to our online learning system where you can further practice your skills.

Touch Typing Courses in London

Our touch typing course is based in London, St Paul’s / Blackfriars. Courses start at 10:30am and finish at 4:30pm.

CPD Accredited Typing Skills Qualification

Upon completion of the course you will acquire a CPD Accredited Certificate in Typing Skills. CPD is an internationally recognised accreditation body, perfect for your CV and career development.

We offer an online version of this course for people that are not based in London, it is more economically priced. please CLICK HERE for details of this course.

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