Typing Courses offers a range of training for children and teenagers. We deliver all of our courses in an online format that uses a very fun and interactive programme. The programme will provide the learner with clear instructions on the correct techniques to touch type.

Our programme will include how best to position your hands and provides numerous fun and interactive exercises that will train your hands on how to instinctively use the correct position. Our typing training courses have lots of exercises available for children of all ages and teenagers.

Typing Courses for teenagers

It is important for anyone learning touch typing to get as many practical exercises as they can. This will help the typing movements go into your muscle memory and make fast and accurate typing second nature. This is easier to achieve in children than adults. The skills are invaluable for their future studies at secondary school, college and university. This is because the ability to quickly type can save time in typing up those long essays, projects and taking notes in classes or lectures.

Accredited Training Courses

Upon successful completion of the course, we can award a certificate that states your typing speed and accuracy. Naturally, gaining this skill is a career skill and can put your child ahead in the future, when they enter the workforce and are looking for their first job.